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This page seeks to provide a single source of information for University of Manchester students who are on an undergraduate placement overseas or are about to embark on their international placement during the current situation relating to Covid-19.

Last updated on 26/5/2021


2020/2021 Information for students who are currently abroad

Please read carefully the communication3 we have sent ou‌‌t:

2020/2021- Undergraduate Placements Overseas (Semester 2)

For Semester 2 2020/21, The University will approve travel to a limited list of countries that are considered ‘low’ and ‘minor’ risk in general terms. If you intend to request approval to travel, you will need to complete a Risk Assessment, please contact your Country Adviser or School Placement Officer and they will be able to provide you with a template Country Specific Risk Assessment to complete.

Please read carefully the communications we have sent ou‌‌t:




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2021/2022 Undergraduate Placements Overseas

For the academic year 2021-2022, you will need to secure "Travel Approval" from the university before you can progress with your placement. Prior to requesting travel approval you should make sure that you have carefully read the ‘Travelling during a pandemic’ guidance which you will find in ‘Learning Content’ within your My Placement record.

What is a Travel Approval Request?
In order to for you to progress with your placement, you require ‘Travel Approval’ from the University.  The process of travel approval allows you and the University to check:

  • that the risks associated with your placement have been fully considered and sufficient/appropriate mitigation is in place to manage those risks,
  • that you are fit to travel,
  • that you have undertaken all the required pre-departure preparation,
  • that you fully understand the finance, funding and insurance position. 

This infographic provides an overview of the Travel Approval Process.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment is central to the travel approval process, and until your Risk Assessment is signed off, travel is NOT PERMITTED (even though all other conditions may have been met).  You should anticipate spending several hours completing the required research to undertake your Risk Assessment and should plan sufficient time to communicate with your placement provider as you may need to secure additional information from them.

Viability of your placement will be subject to the ongoing pandemic, we will continue to monitor specific partner universities and country entry requirements.

Travel Approval Workshops

The International Programmes Office will be offering weekly workshops to guide you through the University’s Travel Approval Process.  This will include a discussion of the Risk Assessment that you are required to complete. The workshops will provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have about the process or placements and international travel more generally. For details of when these sessions will be running please see- Go Abroad | Preparing to go | Pre-departure sessions | The University of Manchester


All students with a planned placement, have been provided with the following documentation, which you can access through your My Placement record.

  • Travelling during the Covid-19 Pandemic – guidance for students  
  • Travel Approval Request questionnaire 
  • Risk Assessment Template 2021/22 


International Undergraduate Placements 2022/2023

Due to partner cancellations and continued challenges faced as a result of the pandemic, the University has had to permit students who should be going abroad in 2021-2022 the option to defer their international placement to 2022-2023.  This will unfortnately have an impact on competitive programmes such as Summer Schools and the International Exchange Programme.

As a result of this, a few Universities will likely be removed from the list of options advertised, there will be strong competition for places for 2022-2023 and priority for places will go to those students who have been admitted via UCAS onto a 4 year ‘with international study’ programme.



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Immigration Questions

  • International students also in UK Tier 4 Visas should contact visa@manchester.ac.uk to discuss how any placement re-arrangements may impact their Tier 4 Visa Status.‌

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