Go Abroad Week 2021

This years Go Abroad Week was a real success! 

Take a look at some of the talks and presentations that were on offer throughout the week:



Chinese University of Hong Kong PresentationCUHK Presentation 2021

UoM Summer Schools 2022https://prezi.com/view/Update & ApprovebZQzipz78AWA8AiLm5as/

Careers PresentationGoAbroad Presentation - Careers

Department of Earth and Environmental SciencesIPO talk - Dropbox

Otago University PresentationOtago Presentation

Exchange at the University of Copenhagen - Student Experience

W‌ellesley College Presentation-  https://youtu.be/G0AG7en0zy4

Why Study Abroad?https://youtu.be/JCUVfbTg5gs

UoM Social Anthroplogy Presentation - https://youtu.be/OSaafnLa8Mw

University of New South Wales Presentation - https://youtu.be/-3npb5ZH3hU

University of Sydney Presentation - https://youtu.be/XFHzDmIdBho

 Indiana University Presentation - Indiana University Presentation


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