Turing Scheme

The Turing Scheme is a UK government funding programme to enable students to participate in international study and work placements abroad. The Turing Scheme has currently been confirmed as running for 4 academic years - 2021/22 to 2024/25 - and is available to support university-approved overseas placements with a minimum duration of 4 weeks and a maximum duration of 12 months.

Individual student funding comprises of a contribution towards living costs and is calculated based on the cost of living in the host country and the duration of the placement.

A higher level of funding is available for students from lower income backgrounds both as a higher contribution towards living costs as well as a contribution towards travel costs.

2023/24 placements


The University of Manchester has been successful in applying for Turing Scheme funding to financially support students undertaking international placements in 2023/24.

As the Turing Scheme prioritises funding for students from disadvantaged and under-represented backgrounds, the University of Manchester will distribute funding based on the below criteria:

  • Students must have ‘Home’ fee status
  • Students must not be undertaking their placement in their Country of Domicile
  • Students must have a household income of less than £35,000 (as assessed by Student Finance) OR have been eligible for contextual admissions at the point of entry to the University and have a household income of less than £62,343 (in line with the upper limit for being awarded an income-based increase to the minimum maintenance loan)

Placements must also:

  • Take place outside of the UK
  • last a minimum of 28 days between 1st September 2023 and 31st August 2024
  • have received travel approval

All students undertaking full year or semester-long placements who meet these criteria have been contacted by email.

If you believe that you meet these eligibility criteria but have not received an email from turingscheme@manchester.ac.uk regarding your eligibility assessment, please contact turingscheme@manchester.ac.uk and we will look into this.

Medicine and Nursing students will be contacted during the autumn with further information regarding their individual eligibility for funding for eective placementes overseas.

The PGR Turing Scholars scheme has not yet launched for 23/24. More information will be provided here once known.

Information for students receiving Turing funding


What paperwork will I have to complete?

You will be expected to complete a Grant Agreement, Certificate of Arrival and Certificate of Attendance and confirm your bank details.

The Grant Agreement is your contract with the University and it details the terms and conditions of Turing Scheme funding. Please read this carefully before completing, and make sure that the information you provide (i.e. your placement dates) is as accurate as possible.

Confirmation of Bank Details can be provided by uploading your bank nominated bank details to your Student Centre. In addition, the UNIV: Turing Scheme Bank Details Confirmation must be completed in order to confirm that you have uploaded details of your nominated bank account.

The Certificate of Arrival confirms your exact placement or exchange start date and your predicted end date and is completed at the start of your placement. This document enables us to calculate your grant entitlement, as your grant is based upon your duration spent at your host. This can only be completed once you have arrived at your host organisation or institution, and must be signed and stamped by an authorised signatory (i.e. a member of staff from the International Office or HR staff member).

The Certificate of Attendance confirms your exact placement or exchange end date and is completed at the end of your placement. Similarly, to the Certificate of Arrival, this enables us to calculate your exact entitlement for the period you spent abroad. This must also be signed and stamped by an authorised signatory at your host organisation or institution.

Where can I find paperwork on My Placement?

Your Grant Agreement, Certificate of Arrival, Certificate of Attendance and the Bank Details Confirmation Questionnaire can all be found in your placement record.

Is there a deadline to complete paperwork by?

The Grant Agreement and Confirmation of Bank Details should be completed before the start of your placement or exchange. We would recommend completing both of these as soon as possible to avoid delays in receiving funding.

The Certificate of Arrival can only be completed once you have arrived at your host destination. This must be completed within 21 days of your arrival.

The Certificate of Attendance must be completed at the end of your placement or exchange. This should be completed no earlier than 7 calendar days before your end date, and no later than 21 calendar days after.

Other sources of funding

Students receiving Turing funding can make up the difference between their Turing funding and their actual costs via other sources but MUST NOT claim for any actual costs (e.g. flights, visas etc) through more than one source of funding.


General Frequently Asked Questions 

Which countries can I go to? 

The Turing Scheme is fully international and can fund participants who are travelling to any country where the FCDO does not advise against travel. Please note that Travel Approval must be granted by the relevant School or Placement Office for funding to be granted. 

How do I apply? 

University of Manchester students do not need to apply for the Scheme. Each student going on a period of international mobility will be automatically assessed by the Placements and International Programmes Office and eligible students will be contacted with further information and guidance on grant rates and paperwork.  

Do I need to provide any evidence of my eligibility?  

You should ensure your household income data is visible to us via Student Finance as this is the primary way we assess your eligibility. 

What happens if some of my placement dates fall outside of the 1st September – 31st August window? 

Any days spent on exchange/placements outside of these dates will not count toward your minimum mobility duration. For example, if your placement starts on 2nd August 2023 and ends on 2nd September 2023, your total funded mobility would be 30 days rather than 32 days. No funding can be provided for days spent on placement outside of the programme dates. 

 Our students' experiences

Going on an international exchange is an invaluable experience that gives students the opportunity to learn more about their area of study and soft skills which can increase employability prospects after graduation. 

 See what our students have to say:

 "I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to go abroad as part of my studies. It’s really broadened my outlook on how university experiences can be so different and also improved my confidence and competence in being able to adapt well to new environments" - Sian Keag, University of California

"Going abroad allowed me to experience a new culture, practice my language skills and gain a newfound independence. The funding schemes from university were really helpful in allowing me to truly enjoy my time abroad" - Tanyaradzwa Dhliwayo, Industrial Experience in Toulouse

Any queries regarding the Turing Scheme can be sent to turingscheme@manchester.ac.uk