Grade conversion

The following information is only relevant to students who are studying abroad.

If you are studying abroad your period abroad will normally either be assessed on a pass/fail basis or the marks and credits will count directly towards your degree from The University of Manchester. Your Placement Co-ordinator/Academic Exchange Adviser will be able to confirm the basis on which your period abroad is being assessed.  In all cases it is crucial that the University receives a formal academic transcript from your host university abroad so ensure that you clarify with your host university how to order this BEFORE you leave. 

If the marks that you obtain abroad count towards your degree, you will also need to arrange for the completion of a Grade Conversion Supplement Form for each of the Course Units you have completed abroad.  If your host university/professor will not complete this form for any reason please ask them to put this in writing to you. 

On receipt of your academic transcript and the relevant Grade Conversion Supplement Forms, your marks will be converted based on the principles of the University’s Framework for Grade Conversion.  

Please note that because of the timelines for release of transcripts from host universities and differing semester dates and assessment timelines your converted marks may not be available until September/October of the next academic year.