The Placements and International Programmes Office will keep you informed of any scholarship schemes that may be relevant to you, but it is worth looking around yourself for additional sources of funding which may help towards the additional expenses you will incur during your period abroad. Careful and patient research may yield some organisations which are prepared to give you financial assistance. 

There are multiple UK and Overseas charities and educational trusts providing grants/scholarships for overseas study/work. Please see the following for further information:

BUTEX Scholarship 

Each year BUTEX awards a number of scholarships to students studying abroad for either a semester or for a whole academic year: Scholarship is £500.

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Scholarship

Students who are selected to study at this institution will be considered for the scholarship. Awarded by University of Manchester on behalf of Alumni. Value - $250 approx. Students are automatically considered, so no need to apply. 

DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship Award

Students undertaking a study exchange in Singapore. Awarded by the Singaporean government. Value: €4,000. The partner institution provides information on application


International Student Scholarship for short-term study in Japan - Scholarship for students undertaking a semester or year abroad at one of our Japanese partners. Value: Around £500 per month. The partner institution provides information on application

UK-China Travel Awards

The Manchester China Institute provides small scholarships for students at The University of Manchester to fly to the Chinese-speaking world to study languages spoken there.

MEXT Scholarship

Available to UK undergraduates studying Japanese Studies in Japan for one year as part of their degree. Awarded by The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT). Value: Living expenses, university fees and return air fare.  NOTE: If you do not hold a UK passport please visit the Japanese Embassy website in your country for more information.

The BUNAC 'BEST' Scholarship

Available to UK students who have applied for but not yet begun a Postgraduate course in the U.S or Canada (the qualification must be awarded by a U.S or Canadian institution). For more information please check the BUNAC website.