Tuition Fees

You will continue to pay tuition fees to Manchester for the duration of your time abroad. This means that you remain registered as a Manchester student throughout your period abroad, which entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Your study work or placement abroad is recognised as part of your Manchester degree programme.
  • Your School and the Placements and International Programmes Office will be in touch with you throughout your time abroad, and will be working with you to ensure your time abroad runs smoothly.
  • As a registered Manchester student, you will still be eligible to receive your student loan (providing that you meet all the other criteria set out by Student Finance).

For students studying abroad through an exchange programme, the tuition fees you pay here in Manchester are used to teach the foreign exchange student who comes to Manchester in your place, just as their fees to your host institution will be used to teach you. All UK exchange agreements are managed in this way. There is no option to pay your tuition fees to the host institution instead of Manchester. You do not need to pay extra tuition fees to your host institution.

Student Finance and Placements

Your tuition fees to The University of Manchester will be reduced if you are undertaking a placement (study or work) overseas for a full year as part of your degree. If you are undertaking a semester abroad or a summer placement your tuition fees to the University will not change. 

Find out more about Student Finance here.