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The below information sheet contains a range of useful information regarding student finance for students undertaking international study and work placements.

Student Finance Handout

Tuition Fee Loan

All Home fee status students are entitled to the full tuition fee loan for the time they are abroad if they are undertaking an overseas placement as part of their degree. Fees are paid to the University of Manchester only and not the host institution.

Change in circumstances

If your Household Income has dropped by 15% or more you can ask SFE to recalculate your assessment based on the estimated income for the current tax year. This is called a 'Current Year Income Assessment'. At the end of the tax year SFE will ask for evidence of income and if income is different you would have to pay back any overpayment or it will be taken from any future year loans. If you wish to apply for this you would need to contact SFE directly to request it.

Maintenance Loan

If you are a UK student undertaking a placement overseas as part of your degree you will still be eligible for maintenance funding from Student Finance. This amount will differ depending on whether you are studying or working, whether your work placement is Turing funded and where your placement is based. You can find full details on your entitlement in the Student Finance Handout

W‌hen applying for Student Finance, you will be asked if your placement is Turing funded. As Turing funding allcoations are not known at the point at which Student Finance applicaitons need to be submitted, you should tick 'No'. The University will update Student Finance on which students have received Turing funding later in the year. For students on Study placements, receiving Turing funding makes no difference to the level of Student Finance you receive. For work placements, Turing funding does affect your Student Finance entitlement. By selecting 'No', you will avoid the possibility of being overpaid and any different in Student Finance funding will be paid to you once the University confirms your Turing status.

Travel Grant

Depending on your household income, you may qualify for a Travel Grant if you are undertaking a study placement or Turing funded work placement abroad. This is non-repayable and covers the cost of all necessary qualifying travel, less a disregard (“excess”), the amount of which is determined by your household income. For household incomes of below £39,796 this "excess" is £303 for the first claim. This includes costs such as:

  • Up to 3 return journeys between your home and overseas destination (including local transport to and from the airport) - all travel must be the cheapest available option.
  • Visas
  • Vaccinations
  • Medical insurance

Please note that the Travel Grant is available for all eligible students undertaking study abroad placements and any eligible student who is in receipt of Turing Scheme funding for their international work placement only.

You can find further information about Travel Grants on the Student Finance websites.

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